The Magic of Three

Ancient cultures believed the triple spiral was a symbol of the elemental nature of existence and the circulating energies between land, sea and sky–the lower, middle and upper worlds of earth and heaven through the human; body, mind and spirit. 

Each one is a gateway.

Awareness and attention to the relationships between them opens into evolutionary experiences. Applying this awareness in your personal space and daily life–your body and related spiritual anatomy, will open the gates to higher consciousness and experiential wisdom, especially when intention is present.

Mapping guides intention.

The map is a foundation. It orients and helps you focus, manifesting ideas and dreams into form–their intention and potential outcome, while the journey itself is a spontaneous and unfolding discovery along the way.

“The map is not the territory,” Alfred Korsybski

Journeys are uniquely evolutionary.

Be grateful for those who have walked before you, marking the path along the way, so that you experience your journey ever more deeply.

You choose how and when you walk through the gate.

Experience and embrace these modalities as fuel for your journey, ultimately expressing them spontaneously and naturally in every day living. These three practices will assist you in creating balance in and among any three facets of your life: Imagination, Conscious Breath, and Gentle Movement.

 Our offerings assist you in moving through any of the 3 gateways:

Sacred Body Oracle-readings; divining cards and companion books
Personal Sessions-rest and restore; savasana, yoga nidra, pranayama
Courses-intuitive correspondence courses: move, breathe, imagine

“One never goes as far as when one doesn’t know where one is going.” Goethe

Sacred Body Wisdom

Some of the most balanced structures are combinations of three. Our physicalbodies have three primary brain parts: reptilian, limbic, and neocortex. Our subtle bodies have three primary energy cauldrons: abdomen, chest, and head. There are also three primary ways we interact with life: physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual; through three primary levels of consciousness: unconscious, subconscious and conscious. Each of the three energy centers relates to a level of consciousness, a brain part, and a relational activity.

Enjoy our Sacred Body Wisdom gateway page to read our blog and learn more about the Sacred Body Oracle–you can also experience a free reading there.

Common Threads

Awareness, Practice and Guidance are at the core of each one of our gateway offerings: Imagine, Breathe, and Move. Each aspect uniquely interfaces with all three types of consciousness, the three primary energy centers, the three ways we interact with life, and the three modalities: breath, movement and imagination.

Proper use of energy–coupled with where you place your attention and how you direct the energy, are the keys that open the sacred gates to physical health, and emotional-mental integrity, as souls-spirits in human bodies, experiencing life on this amazing planet Earth.